Trans Art specializes in the hanging and installation of artwork

Our list of clients encompasses museums, art galleries, collectors, foundations, companies, and restorers who rely on our exceptional professional service and high standards of safety.

Des solutions d'emballage, d'entreposage, d'installation et de transport d'œuvres d'art pour tableaux, sculptures, objets de collection, mobilier & objets design, meubles anciens, etc. 
Service d'entreposage

Safe handling


The challenge of installing artwork requires specialized skills. Our team is dedicated to the safe handling of your treasures from beginning to end. All procedures are done by paying the highest attention to safety and care.

Installation and Hanging


Setting up and hanging works of art require specific professional knowledge. Our team prides itself on relying on their knowledge for each on-site installation. They must foresee all risks involved while hanging and presenting each item according to its specific needs.